In This Is The Secret To Healing….

I find this quote from Emily Wierenga so emotionally charged with truth, that I find myself compelled to share with you….. Read this excerpt from her book “Chasing Silhouettes” with intention, with purpose, and without distractions. I hope you find it as life-giving as I do…..


“In this is the secret to healing. In escaping ourselves, and choosing to live for Someone Else. In believing we were made for more than a disease. In believing our identity is entwined with the Creator’s. We have a divine purpose. We are framed masterpieces, on display for the world to see, and through our pictures—which are perfect, in spite of their flaws—people see the Heavenly Artist. And they weep for His beauty. Every day I seek the Word for my worth. I do this to understand—to truly “get”—how valuable I am. It’s as though I’m learning a new language, a holy way of speaking, and as with any schooling, it takes practice to make perfect. Slowly, I am becoming fluent in verses like, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” (Psalm 139:14) Slowly, my insides are beginning to reverberate with these truths. But the voice of the enemy is ever-present and so, I need to stay familiar with the whisper of scripture’s translucent pages. As well, I pray, for in prayer I find God speaking to me, telling me His heart, things spoken in simple glory, and I find meaning in this relationship we share……..”

Emily Wierenga



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2 responses to “In This Is The Secret To Healing….

  1. Sheena Johnson

    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Angie Pennington

    Thank You so much for sharing that Suzanne! I couldn’t find this more meaningful in my life as I can right now! Thank you again.

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