8 Nutrients to Boost Your Spirits – Nutrient #5


• Folate is also known as B9 or Folic Acid
• Folate helps the body create new cells and regulate serotonin (Serotonin plays a variety of functions including determining mood)
• Folate deficiency can cause fatigue and reduce serotonin levels
• Folate has the potential to boost the efficiency of antidepressants
• RDA: 400mcg per day for adults
Books and apple


• Add Fresh Spinach to Your Morning Omelet. ½ cup Spinach provides 131mcg of Folate.
• Top Your Turkey Sandwich with Avocado or Dip Fresh Vegetables in Guacamole for a Snack. ½ cup Avocado Provides 59mcg of Folate
• Need a Side Dish Idea?! How about a Warm Brussels Sprouts Salad or Roasted Asparagus to Provide About 80mcg of Folate!
• Fill Up on Folate and Protein by Warming Up Black-Eyed Peas. ½ cup Packs 105mcg of Folate!!

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2 responses to “8 Nutrients to Boost Your Spirits – Nutrient #5

  1. Whitney

    Thanks for another great post – perfect length. Idea – maybe do a mini-post on each of the popular diets and “expose” the truth? Is that illegal? Haha! Or – having just come home from the movies – share what you told me about peanut m&m’s and snickers over Milky Way, etc. I loved learning about the combination of nuts/raisins as opposed to straight raisins or straight nuts. Interesting – most of us don’t know that stuff. 😉 W Two more ideas – What are nitrates in deli meat? Do we avoid them? And should I eat before exercise? If so, what? And what do I eat after exercise? I say “I” and “we” in reference to all of your readers.

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